3 Keys to Attract Investors, LPs, or Clients

Feb 08, 2024

3 Keys to Go from alienating to attracting your next investor

The next time you’re gearing up for your next event or conference, wouldn’t it be amazing if you left having solid interest and follow ups from your ideal investors, lending partners or clients?

If that’s something that hasn’t happened yet, we have some ideas for you and it all comes down to applying your own EQ or emotional intelligence to attract, not alienate, your future investors. When you increase your awareness to know how you feel, respond and think, you can start to create better relationships, close more deals, and be even more successful. 

Here’s 3 tips to try:

1. Don’t Pitch. This is counterintuitive and reasoning follows the simple fact that investors are hearing 100’s of pitches a day on top of other meetings, they literally won’t remember all the benefits of your therapeutic or science. The goal is better suited to book a time for a later day pitch.  With that said, you only want to say 15-20 words max to accomplish that goal. Those words should only portray the investor opportunity, not get into the science, etc.  They may ask questions and your answer should be as short as possible and then open the door to explain further in a meeting next week. Don’t pitch!

2. Lower your valuation, then lower it some more and keep going lower. 📉 Investors view folks with high valuations as untrustworthy. Don’t show greed as the main emotion in answering the question: What’s your valuation or cap? Don’t feel bad, almost everyone suffered down rounds and that’s the whole point of the Fed raising interest rates.  If you’re too high on valuation as compared to others, you may as well wait for the economy to improve, but recognize that today, the valuations are obscenely low.

3. Smile, damn it! 😀 Remember, an investor will stay with you until you exit and you would want to trust that person. Your job is to make friends, you don’t do that by selling your wares. A good way to break the ice with an investor is to show interest in what they do or invest in. What are some of their favorite Portcos and why? This way they’ll help you do deals, introduce you to other relevant folks, etc.  If you’re not friends, you’ll be a low priority now and going forward.

It's a huge opportunity to meet dozens of relevant investors per day, and we know it will go great using these three simple tips.  

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